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Coatings industry: the future is the age of competition and cooperation.
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With the global shortage of resources and the substantial increase in raw material prices, the cost of coating materials as resource products will inevitably increase. At the same time, the appreciation of the RMB and the reduction of the state's export tax rebate on "two high and one capital" enterprises, the domestic paint industry, which has a huge living space, is also facing the increasingly white hot competition.

Market digestion is no match for the growth rate of raw material prices.
Timber prices have soared, artificial, transport, decorative paper and so on have not gone up, but the whole coating market digestible increase of the enemy but the growth rate of raw material prices, compared with the previous market sales, this year there are few unusual sales phenomenon.
Too fast the price of raw materials is going up in almost a few months or even one or two months. A veteran who is engaged in the sales of paint for many years told reporters: "even the price of each month is not the same, the factory only tells the price, and for what reason, they are lazy to ask." But fierce competition makes sellers not dare to raise prices, and many people have to reluctantly reduce their profits. From the perspective of the consumer market, consumers are more and more rational. In recent years, the price promotions that have been highly sought after have also lost their power in the past. In addition, under the influence of the national policy, many brands that used to lock the international market have also taken the head to seize the domestic market, and the brand competition is cold and hot. To some extent, the cost of marketing is rising, and the traditional marketing model is facing severe challenges.

Brand segmentation to form a new pattern
How can we get greater development if business mode is becoming increasingly cruel?

A dealer engaged in the paint industry for many years said: "each brand is more and more down-to-earth, no longer playing with the nothingness of the concept hype, the terminal store image according to the need to be reformed, after the gradual strengthening of after-sales service... This series of changes shows that each brand has entered the construction stage of brand connotation, which will make the brand personality more and more obvious. The more prominent the individual brand's personality is, the more focused the target customers are, the more consumers with different needs will be able to understand the direction of their choice and pay attention to the related brands. The whole paint market will not appear as a brand of publicity antibacterial, the whole industry will be antibacterial phenomenon.

Brand integration, capital operation, and the more active alliance of enterprises are one of the most obvious features of this year's coatings industry. Industry shuffle is on the line. Competition will force brands to subdivide customers in the market and form a new pattern in brand segmentation.

The future is the time of coexistence of competition and cooperation
Next year, the market is a year of full competition. As the prices of oil and production materials have risen sharply, a large number of stores are stationed, products and brands are following up greatly, the age of competition and integration has come. How should the paint meet the challenge next year? Experts point out that the price of products will also tend to rise because of the shortage of resources and the influence of national policy. . Insiders pointed out that market competition is an inevitable phenomenon in the development of market economy, and the future is the era of competition and cooperation coexist.

Competition and cooperation are reflected in different aspects. For the coatings enterprises themselves, we must identify market positioning, customer orientation, brand positioning, establish unique brand personality, enhance their competitiveness, occupy and expand the market.

In addition, the future market needs cooperation between the relevant enterprises, and collectivize to attack the market. This requires that all brand enterprises should be good at sharing interests with others, make good use of the leverage principle of resource integration, carry out the coalitions of the same industry and different industry, complement each other, give full play to the power of the group operations, and innovate the profit model, so that the alliance enterprises can enjoy each other's maximum value and achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit.
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